The streaming database for real-time applications.

Real-time streaming without limits

CurrentDB's robust streaming solves the problems that limit other streaming systems.

Simple Streams

By providing streaming capabilities via the same SQL interface you're used to, streaming is no longer restricted to a subset of data you've decided beforehand. All data in your system is accessible as a stream via a simple SELECT statement.

Dynamic Streams

Unlike alternative streaming systems that require making the processing decisions up front, CurrentDB allows new, complex streams to be created dynamically at any time using the full capabilities of SQL.

Fully Contextual Streams

Where other streaming systems struggle to enrich streams with data elsewhere in your infrastructure, CurrentDB supports the full range of joins you would do with any SQL system, but with the additional ability to stream all changes to the resulting data.

Never worry about the future of your data

True Horizontal Scale-out

Grow your cluster with your data — no need for costly rearchitecture. Rapidly scale the cluster up and down as your workload changes.

No vendor lock-in

Built for the cloud

Simple, container-based deployment that works on any platform. Effortlessly deploy to Amazon Web Services, Azure, or Google Cloud. Use data migration tools to lift your current infrastructure into the cloud.

Support for agile development

Instant schema changes

The modern agile workflow widely puts a premium on the ability to rapidly iterate on data models. CurrentDB can make schema changes instantly, even for large tables, and running applications can continue to use the previous schema.